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We are a small agency in Oslo with Webflow developers and designers who can be hired for small and large projects.

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We assist with everything within Webflow

Move to Webflow

Move your current website over to Webflow to gain access to Webflow's super powerful and flexible solutions.


Transform your sketches into a powerful and responsive website in Webflow with intuitive functionality and top SEO.


Take advantage of Webflow's super powerful SEO tools and give your website a better ranking in Google.

Advanced structures

Everything is possible with Webflow. We can assist with the development of components and advanced structures in Webflow.


We can carry out a control check of your website to reveal opportunities to strengthen SEO, increase speed and improve structure.

From A to Z

We can assist with the entire process from strategy to design and development, as well as support.

We are an official Webflow Professional Partner and we have designed and developed dozens of websites in Webflow.

4 good reasons to choose Webflow

Unique flexibility

Webflow is a visual development platform with zero restrictions. It gives us total freedom to design and develop websites quickly and efficiently.

Search engine optimization

Webflow gives us access to all the code for your website, which gives advanced control over the website's SEO, which means better ranking in Google.

Lightning fast and safe

Webflow websites run on Amazon's lightning-fast and super-stable servers. Backups and updates for your website are done completely automatically.

Webflow Editor

Webflow has its own Editor that makes it super easy for you to edit your website completely on your own, without having to get help from a developer.

Free consultation

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Some of our clients

LO Municipality
Trondheim Tech Port
Soft Skills Group

Really professional and very good service. Our website got a proper upgrade.

Bjørn Hansen
General Manager, Adaptik

We at Trondheim Tech Port are incredibly satisfied with the collaboration with Ubåt, and with our new websites.

Sandra Skillingsås
Head of Identity, Trondheim Tech Port

They were service-oriented, professional, creative and the end result was spot on. We are very satisfied and look forward to further cooperation.

Malin Pilblad,
General Manager, Confex

Very good! Fast deliveries, creative and good ideas, and close follow-up in the process. Recommended!

Thomas Nyland
General Manager, Seriøst Firma

Thank you for a great cooperation, good ideas, quick response and good mood! Highly recommended!

Ane Stø
General Manager, Kvinnegruppa Ottar

We've used Ubåt for our new websites for Omnilink. We're very happy with the process, and we've have had a good collaboration during the entire process.

Kine Ljone Skogaas
General Manager, Omnilink

Ubåt offers a very high level of service. They are effective and creative, and they come up with good solutions to our challenges.

Christopher Matheson
General Manager, LemonWax


What is your process for creating websites?

All projects are different, so we therefore believe in a flexible work process that can be adapted to each and every unique assignment. We still have some fixed points that we relate to for each project:

We delve into your needs, and map your competition, target group, challenges and goals.

Based on the results from the previous step we put together a thoughtful visual concept.

We transform sketches and concepts into a living experience, and then test, secure and improve.

We launch the finished product, but we'll not let go of you. We're with you, also after launch.

Can you help me improve my website in Webflow?

Of course! Contact us  and let's have a chat.

How much does it cost to hire you to create a Webflow website?

Our prices depend on the scope and timeline of the project.

If the scope of your project is not completely set in stone, we prefer to charge based on how much time we spend on your assignment. We will always give you a time estimate in advance.

We can also give you a fixed price on new website. In such cases, we first prepare a good project description in collaboration with you before we give you a detailed assignment offer. The price is based on the hourly rate and how much time we think your project will take. Contact us and we can give you a price offer.

Should I choose Webflow for my website project?

Which platform we recommend for your project depends on the complexity and budget of your project. Contact us and we can give you some advice on which platform is best for your project.

Can I get a quote on my website project?

Of course! Contact us , and we can arrange a small introductory chat with you by phone or as a physical meeting - depending on what you prefer.

How much time do you spend building a website in Webflow?

The time depends on the size and complexity of the project. We can do simple websites in 1-3 weeks, while larger and more complex websites can take longer. Contact us and we can give you a time estimate for your project.

Can I change my website myself?

Yes! Once your website is launched, you will have complete control over it. Webflow's intuitive and user-friendly system makes it super easy for you to manage your own website. We are also always an email or a phone call away, in case you need help.

What's up with your name "Ubåt"?

"Ubåt" means "Submarine" in Norwegian. We would love to have a deep and metaphorical answer about the sea and the depth, but the truth is that we thought "Ubåt" sounded cool.