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Soft Skills Group

Visual identity for Soft Skills Group

Soft Skill Group is the people behind several companies in recruitment, consulting, IT and HR. We have designed their visual identity, logo and website.

Soft Skills Group
Website and visual identity
Website sketches for Soft Skills Group

The project

Soft Skills Group wanted a visual identity and logo, as well as a website to present their company, as well as their subsidiaries and employees.

Website sketches for Soft Skills Group


We've previously prepared the visual identities for Soft Skills Group's subsidiaries. A common signature for all their companies is the use of dots. We therefore wanted to create an identity and logo for Soft Skills Group that clearly illustrates the link between these different companies. The result has been a stylish and minimalist logo with dots and different colors that represent the companies' different industries - united in one group.

Website sketches for Soft Skills Group

Color and font

Color palette for Soft Skills Group
Color palette
Font for Soft Skills Group

We've used Ubåt for our new websites for Omnilink. We're very happy with the process, and we've have had a good collaboration during the entire process.

Kine Ljone Skogaas
General Manager, Soft Skills Group