Responsive website for Ilico
Website for Ilico on mobile phone
Website for Ilico on tablet

Rebranding for new Ilico

HR-Spesialisten has become the new Ilico. We were hired to create a new website and visual identity.

Website and visual identity
Website sketches for Ilico

The project

HR-Spesialisten wants to make HR easier for small and large companies. They do this by offering flexible collaboration agreements at fixed and predictable prices. We were hired to help transform the HR-Spesialisten completely. The result has been new Ilico, which in Latin means immediate .

Website sketches for Ilico


Ilico wants to make HR easy, and it was therefore important that we were able to convey the message on their website in a simple way. We wanted to create an efficient conversion funnel, among other things by setting up a clear tab with transparent prices. This, combined with a bright and friendly visual expression has led to Ilico clearly standing out from its competitors, and that they have actually managed to simplify HR.

Website sketches for Ilico

Color and font

Color palette for Ilico
Color palette
Font for Ilico