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Hemsing Festival

New website for the Hemsing Festival

In a small mountain village in Valdres, you can experience world-class classical music at the Hemsing Festival.

Hemsing Festival
Website and visual identity
Website sketches for the Hemsing Festival

The project

The Hemsing Festival wanted a new website that would present the festival's content and program in a clear and effective way. The website has a target group with different languages and a wide age range, and it was therefore essential that the website appeared intuitive and user-friendly for all age groups.

Website sketches for the Hemsing Festival


The project's biggest challenge was the festival program. The Hemsing Festival has several events spread over several days, and info and registration for each event had to be presented in a clear and intuitive way. More than half of the Hemsing Festival's audience visits the website from a mobile phone, and preparing a responsive design was therefore an essential part of the process. We did research on how other festivals present their events, and we found several examples of ineffective and poor solutions. We took inspiration from the solutions we think worked, and set up several prototypes before we finally landed on a final solution.

The solution was a day-to-day overview where the user can easily navigate between the different days of the festival. Each event is presented in the same consistent way and with a "Read more" button in the program to compress the visible text. In addition to this, we also made a summarized and compressed overview of the complete festival program.

Website sketches for the Hemsing Festival

Color and font

Color palette for the Hemsing Festival
Color palette
Font for the Hemsing Festival