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New website for Confex

Confex is Scandinavia's leading course provider. We were hired to design their new website, visual identity and icon library.

Website and identity
Website sketches for Confex

The project

Confex wanted to refresh their visual identity and website. We were hired to design their new website, as well as to design a custom icon library that would be a recurring element on the website and in their visual profile.

Website design for Confex


We started the design process by preparing a proposal for the basic design of the website. We quickly landed on a basic design that fell in love with the Confex theme, and we then started outlining drafts on all the tabs for the website. Confex's website is rich in content, and we ended up designing over 22 different tabs which were further sent for development in Webflow.

Website sketches for Confex website on mobile phoneDropdown menu for ConfexPop-up modal for Confex

Customer journey

An essential part of the process for Confex was to design a simplified, intuitive and user-friendly customer journey for their customers. Particularly important was the actual registration for the various courses. The result was a step-by-step scheme of three steps.

Customer travel booking system for Confex


An essential part of Confex's visual profile is their use of icons. Confex has over 11 different course categories, and each of these categories should have a unique icon that should clearly represent the course category. We wanted to design clear and recognizable icons, but which at the same time cultivate Confex's unique identity.

Icons for Confex
Icon library for Confex

Color and font

Color palette for Confex
Color palette
Font for Confex

We have used Ubåt in the work of updating our graphic profile, on the occasion of our new website. It was easy to work with the agency - they were service-oriented, professional, creative and the end result was spot on. We are very happy and look forward to further cooperation. We can really recommend Ubåt!

Malin Pilblad
General Manager, Confex